Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sabine's Gull, Lake Carl Blackwell

I finally picked up my life Sabine's Gull this morning! This species, which breeds in the artic and winters mainly at sea, is a very rare visitor (though annual) in much of the interior of North America. One of the most beautiful gulls in the world, with I think a very attractive juvenile plumage (this SAGU was indeed a juvie). It was associating with a flock of about 30 Franklin's Gulls which in of itself was a nice little find on Lake Carl Blackwell, which is actually a pretty small reservoir about 10 miles outside Stillwater. The above photos were the best I could do, as the bird was about halfway out in the reservoir and never got closer, but at least they are diagnostic. A very nice find for me on a beautiful fall morning, I love fall migration!

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